🪙Tokens Window

In this window, information about the registered tokens in the client's accounts is displayed.

The information field is a scrollable list consisting of 4 fields:

  1. Token - short name of the token

  2. <Current Wallet Name> Wallet - Token balance on the wallet balance

  3. Trading (Available) - tokens transferred into the system and available for placing new orders

  4. Trading (In Orders) - tokens transferred into the system and locked under current orders

In the list, to the left of the client token balance information, there is a token icon that, when clicked, allows you to make transfers between the wallet and the client's trading account.

Also, on the left side of the header field, there is an icon that enables you to update the current wallet balance information.

* WETH and WBTC are only available on Solana Devnet! SOL and USDC are available on both Solana Devnet and Solana Mainnet!

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