📑Orderbook Window

This window allows you to visualize information about current quotes for the instrument and initiate trading operations for it.

The instrument's name (trading pair) is in the header of the window. To the left of the name is an icon for changing the instrument.

The working area of this window is divided into three parts:

  • The top part displays the list of sell orders (up to 20 rows).

  • The bottom part displays the list of buy orders (up to 20 rows).

  • In the middle part is an icon for initializing a new order placement and information about the last transaction's price.

When you hover over the last transaction's price, general information about current trading for the instrument appears (Pic.1).

By right-clicking on a buy or sell row, you can also initiate a new order placement with a pre-set price (Pic. 2). Double-clicking also works. In this case, a new order construction window is called up with pre-set transaction quantity and price.

When you press and hold the left mouse button over a quote row, market depth information up to the given quote appears (Pic.3).

* WETH and WBTC are only available on Solana Devnet! SOL and USDC are available on both Solana Devnet and Solana Mainnet!

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