📈Price Chart Window

The Price Chart Window provides clients with the ability to visualize historical prices for a selected financial instrument. The instrument name is displayed in the window header, accompanied by an icon to the left, which allows for switching between instruments. The window features a settings panel located in the upper part of the workspace. This panel offers various options, such as selecting time intervals for constructing a Candle Chart, configuring supplementary technical indicators, and choosing display modes for additional information.

The panel includes the following options: Line Drawing Menu

  1. Trend Line: Draw a line by clicking the left mouse button to fix the first and second points.

  2. Horizontal Line: Draw a horizontal line by clicking the left mouse button.

  3. Copy: Duplicate the selected line by hovering the cursor over an existing line and clicking the left mouse button.

  4. Delete: Remove the selected line.

  5. Clear All: Erase all drawn lines.

  6. Color: Alter the color of new lines.

Candle Time Intervals: 1m, 5m, 15m, 1h, 1d, 1w.

Moving Averages (MA1, MA2, MA3): Enable or disable the display of the moving average indicators on the chart using the adjacent checkboxes.

To modify the settings of each indicator, click on its name.

Bollinger Bands (BB): Use the checkbox to enable or disable the display of the Bollinger Bands indicator on the chart. Click on the indicator's name to access a dialog window for adjusting settings.

Volume: Display trading volumes in the lower section of the chart.

Legend: Activate detailed information about a specific candle when hovering over it with the cursor.

Tracking: Enable Tracking Mouse mode.

* WETH and WBTC are only available on Solana Devnet! SOL and USDC are available on both Solana Devnet and Solana Mainnet!

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