📝Open Orders Window

In this window, the client's active orders are displayed.

The information field is a scrollable list of reports consisting of 6 fields:

  1. Ticker — short name of the instrument

  2. Order Id — client order number for the instrument

  3. Price — price

  4. Amount — quantity

  5. Type — transaction type

    • Buy — buy order

    • Sell — sell order

  6. Date/Time (UTC) — order initiation time

In the list, to the left of the client order information, there is an icon that, when clicked, allows you to cancel the specific order. Also, on the left side of the header field, there is an icon that enables you to cancel all active client orders at once.

* WETH and WBTC are only available on Solana Devnet! SOL and USDC are available on both Solana Devnet and Solana Mainnet!

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